Resident Vehicle Info

Please fill out the form below in order for the management company to keep current records of homeowner vehicles. Thank you.

Parking of cars has been an ongoing challenge in Ironwedge due to limited common parking spaces, many short driveways and garages not used to park cars.

Do NOT park on the street or in common parking when your driveway and/or garage are available.

To maintain high community standards, please follow Vehicle Parking Requirements:

* No parking on the grass at anytime
* No parking on the street overnight(midnight to 6am)
* No cars protruding into the street or parked sideways in the driveway
* Use Common/Guest Parking only after first using your driveway and garage.
* No blocking of fire hydrants, mailboxes, or owner driveways. Violators will be towed.

Ironwedge has contracted with Garing Parking Enforcement to handle our parking violations in a consistent manner. They will patrol our property at random times. There is a 2 Step Parking Process. First Violation: Take a photo and apply a sticker to the car. Second Violation: Car will be towed at the owner’s expense.

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