Community FAQs

How do I report a problem?

The best way to report a problem is to send an email to our Grant Property Management representative,
Perry Rohan at 

Where can I get a coupon book to make my quarterly maintenance payments?

Coupon books are only printed once per year in December. They are only sent to registered owners as of that date. It is important that you keep your mailing information up to date with the management company. If you buy a unit between printing dates, quarterly payments should be mailed to the address listed below:

Ironwedge Property Owners Assoc Inc.
C/O Grant Property Mgmt Inc.
PO Box 668493
Miami, FL 33166-9417

You can also go to for electronic payment options.

I did not receive a mailbox key/my mailbox key does not work. How do I get a replacement?

If you are a new owner, you need to get the key from the previous owner. If you are a renter, you need to get the key from the owner. If there is not a mailbox key, you need to go to the Post Office to request the locks be changed. The management company does not have keys to the postal boxes.

I have been told I have termites. What can be done?

Interior pest control is a homeowner maintenance issue. All homeowners ARE REQUIRED to purchase an Annual Termite Protection Contract covering inspection and treatment of their unit.

I want to have a party at the pool. Do I need to do anything beforehand?

All parties at the pool require that an application and deposit be submitted to the management company a reasonable time before the date of the event. The application form can be downloaded at Pool Party Application 5-2017.pdf. There are certain restrictions that apply to all parties so please be aware of them before submitting the application.

There is a broken sprinkler head/pipe near my home. How do I report it?

The best way to report a problem is to send an email to our Grant Property Management representative,
Perry Rohan at 

How do I get a pool key?
A pool key should be provided to you by the previous owner of the unit at closing. If you did not receive a key at closing, contact the management company and they will make arrangements to have a key made.

When is the pool open/closed?
The pool is open from dawn to dusk. As a general rule of thumb, if the lights surrounding the pool are on, the pool is closed.

Does the Association lend out ladders, pressure cleaners or other equipment?
Due to insurance restrictions, the Association can not lend out ladders, tools or other property to homeowners.

What insurance does the Association carry on the buildings?
The Association carries Catastrophic Insurance and Flood Insurance on the buildings. This includes insurance on the outside of the buildings up to the drywall on the interior. The insurance does not cover the roof for leaks, other damage or repairs that are not of a catastrophic nature such as hurricanes or fire. The insurance carries a high deductible that is applied per building, not per unit.

I have leaves, berries and other debris that collects on my privacy area and driveway.  Who is responsible for sweeping and cleaning that area?

The maintenance of a driveway is the responsibility of the unit owner.

What do I need to communicate to guests/contractors?
Anyone coming into Ironwedge must adhere to the same rules as residents. The most common infraction by guests/contractors is parking on the grass.

Ironwedge POA

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Property Management By:

Grant Property Management 

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