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The next Board meeting will take place on 2/19/20 and will be held at the Ironwedge Pool Clubhouse at 6:30pm.

TO: Ironwedge Homeowners and Renters

FROM: Ironwedge POA Board of Directors

SUBJECT: Ironwedge Vehicle Parking Plan                    5/11/17

At the 4/19/17 Ironwedge POA Board Meeting, the Board approved a new Vehicle Parking Policy, Violation Process, and Next Steps. This information has been communicated in the “Issues of the Day” Memo, included in the Board Meeting Minutes and posted on our Ironwedge website, but the Board believes this is an important enough matter to warrant a hard copy mailing.

As background, we all know parking of cars has been an ongoing challenge in Ironwedge due to limited common parking spaces, many short driveways and garages used for storage.  Some owners continue to use street and common parking when their driveways and garages are not full.  To maintain high community standards, assure safety is a top priority and treat all residents fairly,  the Board has developed a comprehensive Vehicle Parking Plan.

The Board approved Vehicle Parking Policy is concise and easy to understand

No parking on the grass at any time (damages grass and sprinkler heads)

No parking on the street overnight (between the hours of midnight to 7AM)

No cars protruding onto the street or parking sideways on the driveway

Use common parking or daytime street parking only after first using driveway and garage

No blocking of fire hydrants, mail boxes or resident driveways

Following is the Board approved 3-step Parking Violation Process

First Offense: Take a photo of and apply sticker to violation car

Second Offense: Apply sticker advising owner car will be booted with next violation

Third Offense: Car will be booted at owner’s expense

Next Steps

Project to develop a database of all vehicles owned by Ironwedge residents has begun and will be ongoing. We seek your cooperation in developing and updating this information. A form can be found on the HOME page of our website for you to send us your vehicle information. This will enable us to differentiate between resident-owned and guest vehicles. We appreciate your cooperation in this important step in our parking process.

Hopefully you’ve noticed new signage on both Ironwedge and Glendale Drives stating the first two points of the parking policy.

A “Drop Box” folder will be maintained on our Ironwedge website ( for photos of parking violations.

A contract with a booting company will be signed

After much discussion of the parking situation in Ironwedge at Board Meetings, we believe the above actions and policy are easy to understand, treat all residents equally and, if followed by all residents, will make our great community an even greater place to live.

Ironwedge POA Board of Directors